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Microcredential Proposal and Evaluation Template

Align microcredentials with market demand

Use this toolkit to solicit microcredential proposals and to evaluate those proposals to ensure that they align with the needs of prospective students and employers.

Key Insights

Amidst the current buzz around microcredentials, many institutions are launching new offerings onto the market. However, it is difficult to achieve positive margins on microcredentials, and many institutions find that their offerings run at a loss. To avoid developing microcredentials that are not financially viable, use the two tools in this toolkit to make more market-driven assessments of proposed offerings.

First, use the Microcredential Proposal Template as a form that will guide faculty (or any proposing party) in making a thorough, data-driven case for their proposed new microcredential. Then, the professional, continuing, and online education (PCO) unit can use the Microcredential Evaluation Form to conduct an independent evaluation of the proposal to make a final determination.

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