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Research Report

Recruitment Strategies to Win Over Top External Talent

This white paper outlines the urgency drivers for why higher ed must modernize its recruiting and onboarding strategies to attract talent. Then, it provides campus leaders with 10 foundational solutions…
Strategic Advisory Services

How to Address The Two Biggest Hurdles in Community College Virtual Onboarding

To help identify pain points in community college online enrollment, we went undercover as prospective students. See what we learned and the steps you can take to overcome the two…

50+ Ways to Meet Higher Ed Employees’ Basic Needs

This infographic shares 50+ high-impact tactics to help colleges and universities meet higher ed employee needs around caregiving, housing, food, and transportation.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

2023 EAB Community College Roundtable

Join EAB’s annual summer roundtable for community college leaders in Washington, DC where you’ll have the opportunity to engage in highly interactive, executive-level conversations about the most pressing challenges facing…
Partner Service

How Deans Can Help Combat Burnout and Support Faculty Well-Being

Request our partner intensive for a deep dive on how to mitigate faculty burnout with an EAB research expert.

Why BIPOC Faculty Leave Their Jobs—And How to Design Policies That Will Encourage Them to Stay

Review materials from this working group session to hear best practices from institutions that are rethinking structures and policies for faculty retention. Learn how colleges and universities across the US…

Spotlighting Pitfalls to Avoid in Institutional DEIJ Plan Design and Writing

This webinar outlines the common pitfalls to avoid in DEI Strategic Plans. We also highlight EAB’s support services to help institutions ensure they have a differentiated, accessible, and actionable plan.

Conduct a Community Needs Assessment

This toolkit helps institutions understand why they should lead a community needs assessment and what steps they should take to manage one.
Strategic Advisory Services
Resource Center

The Industry Future Series: Exploring the Next Era of Professional Programming

Discover resources that will help colleges and universities understand the most impactful ways to adjust academic programming to keep pace with technological advancements in the Digital Revolution.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services
Research Report

3 hiring practices to help diversify higher education faculty

As activists continue to call attention to the racial disparities in faculty demographics, institutional DEIJ plans increasingly include goals to recruit and retain BIPOC faculty. Most higher education institutions do…