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5 higher ed thought leaders we are following

Thought leaders are known for their innovative ideas and research, their work often serving as a catalyst for change in the higher education system. We asked EAB’s top experts for…
Strategy Blog
Resource Center

The Industry Future Series: Exploring the Next Era of Professional Programming

Discover resources that will help colleges and universities understand the most impactful ways to adjust academic programming to keep pace with technological advancements in the Digital Revolution.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services
Research Report

How to improve career development opportunities for first-generation students

Many of the challenges associated with finding employment amid a pandemic are more acute for first-generation college students, who may already feel underprepared to navigate the career exploration process. Read…
Research Report

Deepening Alumni-Student Relationships to Create Two-Way Value

Across the globe, higher education institutions are under pressure to deliver on a promise of graduate employability and outcomes. This report profiles strategies deployed by UK, US, and Canadian higher…

Scale Experiential Learning and Career Development

Today’s universities are under increasing public pressure to provide career preparation and support economic mobility. Learn how to create more opportunities for applied learning and help students translate between an…
Strategic Advisory Services

Your students’ career journey should start in their advisor’s office

One-third of college seniors never visit a career center. But with the increased focus on providing a return on education, progressive schools are integrating career and academic advising to help…
Research Report

The State of College and Careers

Helping students and families make sense of a complex and evolving landscape.
District Leadership Forum

3 competencies that take a chief human resource officer from tactical to strategic

The last few years have uniquely burdened chief human resource officers, from the intensity of hiring and turnover to the scope creep caused by the pandemic – CHROs have more…
Strategy Blog