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Necessary infrastructure to support interdisciplinary programs

This blog identifies infrastructure necessary to support interdisciplinary programs, as part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship.
Strategy Blog

Administration of cross-college interdisciplinary academic programs

This blog explores some challenges with and maps out an approach to interdisciplinary academic programs, as part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship.
Strategy Blog

3 common challenges with academic program assessment

EAB's Financial Sustainability Collaborative has worked with over 100 schools to help them structure their academic program assessment process, and that experience has provided us with some observations about the…
Strategy Blog

3 tips for innovative and successful program design

See three principles to consider when developing new programs or reformatting existing programs to appeal to today’s professionals.
Adult Education Blog
Research Report

The realities of graduate certificate programs

Certificates, badges, stackable master’s degrees, and other short-format credentials appear to be a big countercyclical enrollment opportunity for universities. We've outlined six insights on the market realities and challenges of…
Strategic Advisory Services

3 questions guiding fall term scenario planning for academic leaders

Explore 3 questions guiding fall semester 2020 scenario planning, and emerging trends in how colleges and universities are responding to the uncertainty.

Simple ways to improve online student engagement your teachers probably haven’t tried yet

Although teachers are experimenting with hands-on learning assignments and online break-out sessions to engage students during online classes, many teachers still notice only a handful of students actively participate on…
Research Report

Career and Technical Education Program Opportunity Guide

Discover how community colleges can identify viable program launch opportunities for career and technical education and plan for the cost of new programs.

Develop and Implement Schoolwide Expertise in Science-Based Reading Instruction On-Demand Webconference

This on-demand webconference focuses on building principal knowledge and teacher expertise and highlights ways to transfer practitioner knowledge into classroom action.

Ask these 3 questions to design student-centric credentials

Consider these three questions to encourage program completion and reduce future headaches for COE teams.