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Research Report

Why advancement is ready to lead the way on DEIJ

Advancement leaders have honed the skills necessary to attract top talent and close transformative principal gifts. Today, they can leverage those strengths to create a more diverse, equitable division and…

Colorado College creates a tri-part chief diversity officer model

Chief diversity officers (CDOs) carry the monumental responsibility of creating meaningful and sustained structural and cultural change at an institution. For CDOs to be effective, they must have direct access…

A Playbook for Effective Cluster Hiring

Despite growing interest, too many cluster hiring initiatives fail due to a lack of appropriate planning. This white paper walks through the six stages of cluster hiring and recommended imperatives…
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Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Every Day Faculty Hiring Practices

In this webconference we will explore recent trends in faculty diversity and key reasons the typical approach to increasing diversity fails.

Instilling Equity and Inclusion in Department Practices

Learn how the pressure from students and shifting demographics that are driving a new urgency among academic leaders to prioritize both greater numerical representation of underrepresented groups among faculty and…
Research Report

3 language mistakes to avoid in your institution’s DEIJ plans

As institutional leaders develop diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic plans, it’s important for them to consider how they frame their priorities and commitments. EAB reviewed over 40 DEI plans…
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Research Report

4 lessons for academic affairs leaders on advancing faculty diversity goals

As more colleges and universities set diversity goals, competition for the best faculty candidates continues to intensify. Read the major takeaways from our workshop with chief academic officers on hiring…
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Research Report

4 key components of a strong DEI plan

We reviewed over 40 DEI plans across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. to better understand how campuses are demonstrating real work and commitment to DEI. EAB identified four…
Strategic Advisory Services

3 Student Success Lessons That Power EAB’s “Moon Shot for Equity”

Milwaukee Area Technical College President Dr. Vicki Martin joins EAB Vice President of Partnerships, Tom Sugar, to talk about three lessons learned from Georgia State University's success in erasing equity…

Diversity, equity and inclusion in independent schools: 3 imperatives for advancement teams

In the wake of the anti-black police violence our country experienced over the summer and increased demands for racial justice, many independent schools are looking inward at how their policies…
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