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Why Setting a Clear Vision Matters Most to DEIJ Progress Right Now

What 215+ higher ed leaders think are today’s biggest barriers to DEIJ strategy

Where should institutions allocate their scarce resources in the year ahead to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) goals? To help partners answer that question, EAB developed the Institutional Strategy Index for DEIJ, a tool that comprehensively and objectively evaluates the current state of your institution’s DEIJ efforts against best practices and creates a personalized roadmap of investments and actions to close gaps.

The tool is grounded in EAB’s validated framework that organizes 33 mission-critical activities (i.e., tasks and initiatives) into the categories (i.e., areas of work) in the infographic. During the launch of the tool, EAB surveyed 215+ senior leaders across the public and private four-year sectors, providing a unique look into how they view the urgency of each area. Download the infographic and explore the takeaways to compare where your priorities fit.

Download the Infographic

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