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Will FAFSA Simplification Make Life Easier for Colleges and Applicants?

Experts discuss FAFSA simplification and offer advice to university leaders on how to communicate with students now about what the changes may mean to them.

Improving student retention through need-based scholarships

Low-income and working students, who are more likely to be students of color and first-generation students, are less likely to have the ability to pay the tuition and fees required,…

3 ways technology can help overcome financial barriers

Financial pressure is the top reason that students leave college. Learn 3 ways technology can help overcome financial barriers to student success.

Is Your Financial Aid Strategy Having the Desired Impact?

EAB experts demystify financial aid optimization, a discipline that is essential to a school’s ability to enroll and support a mix of students from different backgrounds while still generating enough…

Practice Deep-Dive Series: Breaking Down Silos Between Financial Aid and Student Success

EAB shares insight from research on how institutions can improve student success by better integrating financial aid and academic advising efforts.

Help More Students Graduate with Less Debt

EAB experts explain how to integrate financial aid services into the broader student support network to help more students graduate with less debt.

The State of Student Borrowing

EAB researchers will break down the current landscape of student debt –analyzing trends in borrowing and repayment,and how they are affecting various segments.

Expand Services to Address Financial Insecurity on Campus

Financially insecure students cannot succeed academically or holistically. This roadmap details how to invest in this crucial priority and expand services for college affordability.
Strategic Advisory Services

3 creative ways schools use technology to address barriers to equity in education

See how schools are using technology to address three common equity barriers for students: textbook funding, housing and food insecurity.
Student Success Blog