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Enroll360 Financial Aid Hub

Welcome to the Enroll360 Financial Aid Hub!  

Here you will find the latest research and resources to help you maximize your Enroll360 Financial Aid partnership and achieve your team’s enrollment goals.  

Below you can browse relevant content or register for upcoming events and webinars to connect with peers and learn about the latest trends in higher ed. To help get you started, check out the Featured Resource for content we thought you’d find interesting.

For questions about your institution’s campaigns or performance data, please connect with your Strategic Leader or visit your Partner Portal.

Upcoming Events

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College Search Trends Across Space and Time: 2024 Edition

Join us to explore the interplay of various factors influencing these trends, along with regional, demographic, and institutional context to help you navigate the changing educational landscape effectively.

Contextualizing Your Enrollment Performance: A Look at the Current Cycle

During this 30-minute session, EAB enrollment expert, Ian Watt, will share both global and illustrative examples to help you contextualize your current performance.

Greenlight Equity Collaborative Member Roundtable: From Reflection to Action

The Greenlight Equity Collaborative Roundtable is a special convening of Collaborative members scheduled for June 17-18. We will gather in Washington, D.C. for dinner and a day of discussion about effective strategies to support and recruit first-generation, lower-income, and historically underserved students.

Navigating the FAFSA Fallout: Early returns and mitigating future risk

Join our upcoming webinar for a deeper understanding of how FAFSA challenges impacted this year and how you can mitigate melt risk as well as future enrollment challenges.

Research and Insights

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Insight Paper

College Search Trends Across Space and Time: 2024 Edition

In this paper, we present updated research that delves deeper into college search trends among first-time undergraduates at…

Mapping the Enrollment Landscape

Use this infographic to reorient yourself to a higher education marketplace that is being transformed by ever-disruptive forces.
Insight Paper

Adapting Your Enrollment Experience for Today’s Students

Read this report for five insights to help you effectively adapt your enrollment experience to meet the needs…
Insight Paper

A Guide to the Direct-Admission Landscape

This insight paper explores the direct-admission landscape, what it means for recruitment marketing, and how to embrace it…
Enroll360 Match
Insight Paper

Mental Health’s Role in College Decision-Making

Our national survey of high school students sheds light on mental health's role in college decision-making and suggests…
Research Report

Address Non-Consumption by Hiring High School Counselors

This report outlines how hiring high school counselors as summer enrollment advisors can help your institution address non-consumption.
Strategic Advisory Services
Insight Paper

Quantifying How Influence Channels Drive Enrollment

This insight paper explores how to leverage college search channels to drive enrollment success at your institution.
Insight Paper

Insights From the 2023 Naviance Student Survey

Uncover insights about middle and high school students' postsecondary plans from PowerSchool's survey of Naviance students.

Optimize Your University’s Spring Recruitment Strategy

This toolkit will help directors of admission assess the effectiveness of their university's current student recruitment strategy.

What the experience of today’s first-year students can teach us about recruitment

Review the results of EAB’s latest First-Year-Experience Survey, in which we asked over 12,500 current first-year students about…
Enrollment Blog
Students sitting in library looking at teacher.

3 ways mental health is impacting college enrollment—and what you can do about it

Explore three challenges associated with mental health concerns and their implications for enrollment leaders.
Enrollment Blog

Summer melt: Why 2024 is different and 13 steps you can take

While summer melt has always been a critical concern for enrollment managers, the summer of 2024 presents unique…
Enrollment Blog