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Research Report

How to compete in the degree completion market

To help guide enrollment strategy, EAB re-sized and segmented the adult degree completion market to understand student attendance patterns and degree choices, and the realities of competing in this challenging…
Strategic Advisory Services

Supporting Academic Leaders in Business-Driven Growth Planning

This session is for finance professionals, who have an opportunity to support the academy's growth goals by helping fine-tune market estimates, cost projections, and new program proposals.

Microcredential Proposal and Evaluation Template

To avoid developing microcredentials that are not financially viable, use the two tools in this toolkit to make more market-driven assessments of proposed offerings.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Business-Driven Growth Planning

This Business Affairs Forum research highlights the ten most common mistakes that derail new program launches. Accompanying each is advice for avoiding the mistake and driving toward net-positive growth.

Maximizing Your Market Insights Analysis

Learn from our experience helping hundreds of schools with their portfolios over the years and our research into everything from new program launch to rightsizing the portfolio and sunsetting when…

3 competencies that take a chief human resource officer from tactical to strategic

The last few years have uniquely burdened chief human resource officers, from the intensity of hiring and turnover to the scope creep caused by the pandemic – CHROs have more…
Strategy Blog

Reckoning with Relevance: 2024 Higher Ed State of the Sector On-Demand Webinar

Watch EAB's on-demand webinar to learn about the six trends that are shaping the higher ed state of the sector in 2024.
Strategic Advisory Services

Peek Inside a Higher Ed Merger

Saint Leo President Jeffrey Senese offers a glimpse inside his school’s acquisition of Marymount California University and shares his philosophy on higher education leadership.
Research Report

What higher ed can learn from restaurants

Restaurants have been one of the most hard hit industries in the pandemic, but they've also become the site of rapid business model innovation. Discover what higher ed can learn…
Research Report

Smart Growth

Profiles smart growth strategies of top institutions that maximize their instructional capacity based on a thorough analysis of capacity, costs, and student demand at the level of academic programs and…