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Research Report

4 takeaways for navigating flexible work policies and space utilization in higher ed

EAB gathered chief human resource officers and senior facilities officers from 24 institutions to discuss return-to-work policies. Read this expert insight for the takeaways on what makes a more flexible…
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Get the competitive edge in advancement’s new hybrid environment

Advancement staff overwhelmingly prefer hybrid work environments. But what makes a hybrid workforce better, and how should you design your mixed-mode office to maximize employee satisfaction and productivity?

Presidential Transition Resource Center for Higher Ed

Leading a university has never been more challenging, especially for new presidents. This page provides tools to help leadership teams decide what is most important to share with an incoming…
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Research Report

Cognitive biases that prevent real change on campus

Without general receptiveness to change, higher ed leaders are fighting an uphill battle to reap true transformation. Discover the most common cognitive biases that derail college leaders’ discussions, and decisions,…
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4 things to know when planning for the future of teaching and learning

EAB convened 17 chief information officers (CIOs) to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the future of teaching and learning they see coming out of the pandemic. Read on for takeaways…
Data & Analytics Blog

3 questions guiding fall term scenario planning for academic leaders

Explore 3 questions guiding fall semester 2020 scenario planning, and emerging trends in how colleges and universities are responding to the uncertainty.

Student success lessons learned from 12 small colleges

A student success leader (and small school alumus) shares important lessons learning from working with a dozen small colleges and universities.

3 ways to improve data literacy on campus

To use data for decision-making, campus leaders must overcome obstacles to data literacy. See tested strategies from our partner schools to build and improve data literacy.

The Essential Five-Step Recipe for Process Improvement

This infographic outlines the five critical steps that organizations must take as part of their process improvement journey.
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Americans’ trust in higher ed has reached a new low. Here’s how to navigate the ongoing confidence crisis.

Gallup’s most recent poll revealed the majority of Americans do not have a lot of confidence in higher education. Higher ed leaders need to take action towards this confidence crisis…
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