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Leveraging Data to Enhance Budget Transparency at Old Dominion University

Through a partnership with Academic Performance Solutions (APS), ODU provided training and access to unit-level data to over 100 academic leaders across campus.

Three Strategies to Manage Energy Costs of New and Existing Infrastructure On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, learn how institutions are re-imagining recommissioning, retrofits, and continuous commissioning exercises to help enhance efficiency investments and reduce long-term utility costs.
Resource Center

Process Improvement Resource Center

Explore this resource center for strategies and best practices on process improvement.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges
Research Report

Structuring and Transitioning to Impactful Gainsharing

This study outlines two options for structuring a gainsharing program as well as strategies to help institutions transition to a more strategic budget surplus policy while minimizing pushback.
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Optimizing Institutional Budget Models

This study includes four executive-level lessons on budget design and a compendium of 29 budget model elements to help you develop a more strategic resource allocation system on your campus.
Strategic Advisory Services

Achieve your district goals on a tight budget

Amid tightening budgets and declining enrollments, districts must manage funding costly school reopenings and frequent transitions between in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning.

EAB Expert Insights: Designing a Hybrid Budget Model with John Workman

Watch our 2-minute video to learn how to create a budget model that best fits the financial needs and strategic goals of your institution.
Strategic Advisory Services

No IT talent? Four ways to change that.

Watch the video for four ways your college or university can attract and retain the right IT talent.
Research Report

Tackling the Deferred Maintenance Crisis

This briefing outlines five insights facilities leaders should keep in mind when navigating deferred maintenance decisions, as well as strategies and resources to help you address your backlog, including case…
Facilities Forum
Research Report

Increasing Central Fungible Dollars

This study examines eight executive tactics to increase central dollars and garner buy-in for strategic priorities.
Strategic Advisory Services