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Press Release

EAB Moon Shot for Equity Institutions See Growth in Student Success at Third Anniversary

Original four Wisconsin institutions that helped launch the project with EAB in 2020 report significant progress on boosting student retention and graduation rates

Why BIPOC Faculty Leave Their Jobs—And How to Design Policies That Will Encourage Them to Stay

Review materials from this working group session to hear best practices from institutions that are rethinking structures and policies for faculty retention. Learn how colleges and universities across the US…

Why DEIJ Progress in Higher Ed Has Flatlined: Three Ways to Drive Concrete Action at Your Institution

In this webinar, participants will learn about how higher education ended up in this position and what leaders must do to drive progress. Specifically, we will introduce EAB’s newest partner…

Spotlighting Pitfalls to Avoid in Institutional DEIJ Plan Design and Writing

This webinar outlines the common pitfalls to avoid in DEI Strategic Plans. We also highlight EAB’s support services to help institutions ensure they have a differentiated, accessible, and actionable plan.

Why equity is more than just the right thing to do

What is the economic value of college equity? We often talk about the benefits to an individual’s lifetime earnings, but what about the return for our society? This video explores…
Research Report

Why advancement is ready to lead the way on DEIJ

Advancement leaders have honed the skills necessary to attract top talent and close transformative principal gifts. Today, they can leverage those strengths to create a more diverse, equitable division and…

How can I become an anti-racist leader?

See seven questions college leaders should ask to identify and dismantle racist practices on their campus to promote equity.
Partner Service

EAB Presentations on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Explore sample Partner Intensive topics focused on DEIJ in higher ed

How Addressing Equity Gaps Helped Carthage Boost Overall Student Retention

Carthage College President John Swallow discusses the extraordinary progress his institution has made in boosting retention rates for all student cohorts by applying the same strategies that work to eliminate…

How Advancement Diversity and Technology Intersect at The New School

Experts discuss the importance of diversity and technology in university fundraising.