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Research Report

Benchmarking Facilities Project Management Units

Facilities leaders must improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their project management functions to meet their campuses’ needs. Through the 2018 Project Management Survey, EAB's report provides overall project management…

Getting ahead of the total cost of ownership during project design

EAB's tactics to equip leaders to identify the design and construction interventions that will extend the life of institutional assets.
Strategic Advisory Services
Resource Center

See the results from the IT Project Management Functional Collaborative

Browse all of the resources that emerged from our Functional Collaborative on IT Project Management, which brought together 55 project management leaders to discuss how to control project demand on…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

How strategic staffing can increase your ROI

When it comes to investment in advancement office staffing: It’s not how many FTEs you add, but where you add them in your advancement shop that produces high ROI. Learn…
Advancement Blog

Create a streamlined student onboarding experience

To learn how to create a better virtual student onboarding experience, our team went secret shopping at for-profit institutions. Here are three takeaways for community college leaders.

IT Project Prioritization Scorecard Template

Unless project portfolios created before the COVID-19 crisis emerged are re-prioritized, colleges and universities will misdirect resources and may weaken their COVID-19 response. Our scorecard template helps colleges and universities…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

5 common mistakes in IT project intake processes—and how to correct them

See five questions to ask about your project intake processes to uncover and correct common mistakes that compromise effective IT project evaluation.
Resource Center

IT Vendor Assessment Resource Center

Explore industry best questions and templates to collect information for complete and accurate vendor product assessment.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Stakeholder Assessment Toolkit for Change Management

As IT organizations pursue small- and large-scale transformations on their campuses, poor stakeholder communication can easily derail good faith efforts to implement, update, or decommission technology. This toolkit will help…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

What campus IT can learn from Uber, Lyft, and Google Maps

Rather than have central IT play catch-up to campus demands, integration must be a campus-wide strategic priority to harness data across silos. One approach, API-led integration, is already reaping rewards…
Data & Analytics Blog