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IT Vendor Assessment Resource Center

Comprehensive list of resources when selecting a new higher ed IT vendor

November 17, 2020

Explore industry best questions and templates to collect information for complete and accurate vendor product assessment when selecting a new higher ed IT vendor.

Key Insights

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As authority to purchase vendor products sprawls across campus, CIOs are often tasked with implementing tech they had little opportunity to weigh in on. And when CIOs are able to assess vendor products, they do so informally and do not collect all of the information they need. Furthermore, their gathered intel is not standardized between potential vendor products, making it hard to compare between products or explain vendor selection decisions.

Mature IT departments utilize a suite of standard templates to collect necessary information on potential products, vendors, and university customers and make informed decisions.

EAB has consolidated research, templates, and questionnaires from industry leaders and higher education IT departments to help you assess potential vendor products.

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