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Research Report

The Title IX cheat sheet: What’s changed and what’s changing

To help clarify the evolving landscape, EAB has reviewed Title IX policies from the last three presidential administrations as well as legal scholarship to identify significant changes and hypothesize what…
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Research Report

Building an Effective University Infrastructure

This report explores how to establish a robust campus infrastructure to address sexual violence.
Resource Center

EAB’s Resource Hub for Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

This resource hub is a repository of guidance documents, tools, and resources that provide best practices to effectively address sexual violence on campus.
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Partner Service

Bias and Harassment Report and Support Website Audit for Higher Ed

Sign up for EAB's audit to optimize your institution's bias and harassment report and support website based on three user experience principles.

10 essential components for your bias and harassment report and support website

It is crucial for institutions to ensure their bias and harassment report and support websites are well-organized with clear reporting processes and easy-to-find support resources. See EAB’s mock webpage below…
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What You Need to Know About the Biden Administration’s Title IX Proposal

The U.S. Education Department released its proposed changes on June 23rd, including reversals of many policies enacted by the previous administration. The new rules emphasize the importance of protecting victims…
Insight Paper

Beyond Orientation: New Approaches to Sexual Violence Prevention Programming

This report discusses the current state of sexual violence prevention on campus and shares innovative strategies to help students expand their knowledge and build their prevention skills throughout their time…
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