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How to Scale Peer-to-Peer Support Programs to Close Equity Gaps

The webconference discusses benefits of peer mentoring and advising, common shortcomings in these programs, and resources within EAB's Peer-to-Peer support toolkit.

What is the most important story you’ll tell your students?

What's the most important story you’ll tell your students to inspire them to preserve and remind them that they're not alone? It may just be yours.

Why a Coordinated Care Network may be the key to improving the student experience

Learn how a Coordinated Care Network solves two key challenges related to the student experience.
Student Success Blog

The unique student success challenges faced by small schools

To deepen our understanding of the unique challenges faced by small schools (and how to overcome them) we recently sat down with leaders from two small-enrollment institutions. Here's what they…

Why even C students should consider taking 15 credits their first semester

Learn one essential recommendation advisors should share with all incoming students—regardless of high school academic achievement—that results in higher GPAs and higher retention rates.
Partner Service

Virtual Student Services Website Audit

This audit will help higher education leaders bring the virtual experience for student services out of the pandemic era and into a more hybrid future.
Resource Center

Student Experience and Well-being Resource Center

Explore our resources on student retention, experiential learning, mental health and well-being, student belonging, and activism.
Strategic Advisory Services