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Research Report

Digital Transformation

Gain a better understanding of digital transformation and the challenges of pursuing it in the higher education sector. Further, view examples of where digital transformation investments have been the most…
Professional and Academic Services Forum
Research Report

How to take a more holistic campus safety approach

Some campus leaders are reframing the campus safety conversation around community needs in order to take a more holistic campus safety approach.
Strategic Advisory Services

The COVID-19 Outbreak’s Impacts Across the Professional and Adult Portfolio

As the coronavirus crisis impacts professional job prospects and university enrollment targets, professional and adult education units must develop innovative and flexible programs which meet the evolving needs of the…

Why Virtual Advising is Here to Stay

Student success leaders discuss why virtual advising, the only option available during campus shutdowns, may become the norm even when campuses fully reopen.

2 areas of growth for independent schools amid COVID-19 recovery

Discover two key opportunities for growth K-12 independent schools should focus on amid COVID-19 recovery.
Research Report

Strategies to Support Remote Work Cost Savings in Higher Ed

Read the takeaways and then get started with our tools to create an infrastructure of policies and staffing strategy to optimize, scale, and support remote work cost savings.
Strategic Advisory Services

Assessing Optional and Non-Essential Academic Expenditures Pt. II

We discuss analyses to help institutions assess optional and non-essential academic expenditures, with a focus on optimizing units' mix of instructors and workloads in response to changing student demand.
Academic Performance Solutions

The demographic cliff is already here—and it’s about to get worse

With dire predictions for fall freshmen enrollments making headlines, colleges and universities are bracing for the financial shock to come. While many are hopeful that even a partial reopening of…
Enrollment Blog

CBOs are struggling to make revenue assumptions for FY21. Here’s what we learned from a group of them.

Universities are struggling to create and adapt budgets for the upcoming fiscal year because of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Read the key takeaways from our conversations with CBOs on…

Leading in times of crisis: How a wildfire prepared this president for COVID-19

President Ann McElaney-Johnson of Mount Saint Mary's University shares how she led her campus through a wildfire—and how the experience informed her response to COVID-19.