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Get data governance decisions right

This video outlines how to create a quick and efficient data governance decision process.
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Tackling the Data Quality Challenge

Learn more about the most common data challenges higher ed institutions are facing and four key principles to guide data quality initiatives at any institution.
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From Data To Decisions

This study provides 13 tactics to help IT leaders improve the usability of analytical resources and provide campus members with the skills and support to make data-informed decisions.
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10 questions you need to answer about your current data practices

Get a sneak peek at our newest study, and discover 10 questions you need to ask when evaluating your current data-informed decision practices.
Data & Analytics Blog

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Expert advice and resources to help IT leaders build strong teams and drive change on campus
Data and Analytics
Resource Center

Enterprise Data Management Resource Center

Explore the top priorities that institutions must accomplish to improve data management, along with corresponding EAB resources.
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Deep Dive: Text Parsing and Handling Strings in Construct

This webinar will help you leverage Construct towards scalable text transformations on your data. We're not assuming any background experience with text manipulations, so come as you are, and find…

CCPA Opt Out & Data Request Form

CCPA Data Request Form
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Priority Data Analyses to Promote Student Success

Student success is a foundational mission of all higher education institutions, and is therefore a prime focus area to build consensus around the need for data governance. Use these priority…
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EAB Master Agreement

EAB Master Agreement