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Research Report

Development of Facilities Master Plans

This report explores the process of creating and implementing facilities master plans at public school districts, including the prioritization processes and funding mechanisms employed by profiled districts.
Research Report

Strategies for Successful District-Charter Partnerships

This report explores tactics for the implementation of successful partnerships between charter schools and public school districts.
Research Report

Multiage Classrooms

This report profiles how administrators and teachers implement and administer multiage classrooms at six school districts.
Research Report

Budget Prioritization for Strategic Initiatives

This report explores the strategies used by four public school districts to allocate budgetary resources to support strategic initiatives.
Research Report

Preventing Chronic Absenteeism

This report explores how school districts prevent chronic absenteeism. Specifically, it examines the causes of chronic absenteeism, intervention strategies, and tactics districts use to encourage a standardized approach at the…
Research Report

High School Open Campus Lunch Policies

This brief discusses the impact of an open campus lunch policy on factors such as student safety, health, development, and attendance at nine public high schools.
Research Report

Community Schools

EAB conducted research interviews with community school administrators at three school districts to look at community school implementation strategies, structure of community schools, partnerships, staff, funding, and offerings.
District Leadership Forum

Can providing free eyeglasses improve reading outcomes? Here’s what we learned.

Although there’s little debate that a student’s ability to see is fundamental to their ability to read, clear vision remains a basic need that is easily overlooked and unaddressed.

Create Conditions for Positive Classroom Behavior

This webconference will provide strategies on how districts and schools can change the classroom environment and schedule to provide students with a better learning environment and more opportunities for unstructured…