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Rethink transparency: Ask what district stakeholders need, not what they want

Many K-12 district leaders faced heightened scrutiny from families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This expert insight shares how Fort Bend Independent School District solicited feedback from parents without offering too…
K-12 Blog

Achieve your district goals on a tight budget

Amid tightening budgets and declining enrollments, districts must manage funding costly school reopenings and frequent transitions between in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning.

Rapid Response Team Frameworks for School Districts

School districts can make sure that they have considered all of the critical decisions necessary for reopening campus by reviewing these checklists in cross-functional teams.
District Leadership Forum
Research Report

Technology Product Management Models

Technology product mismanagement can cost districts hundreds of thousands of dollars. This report profiles and compares technology product management models from districts with a record of superior technology performance (e.g.,…
District Technology Leadership Forum
Resource Center

Curricula Prioritization Resource Center

Almost all students are expected to enter the fall nearly a full grade-level behind and will likely need to navigate a completely new school environment. As a result, many educators…
District Leadership Forum

5 ways to support school communities experiencing pandemic-related grief

Losses of loved ones, family income, connection to friends, graduation ceremonies, normal daily routines, and even vacations have also taken a significant toll on student mental health.
Research Report

Effective English Language Arts Operations and Programming

New state standards require new skills from students, leaving many teachers with outdated teaching practices that do not directly address standards. Compare your operations to districts that have scored highly…

How to create a grading and assessment policy for distance learning

EAB conducted interviews with independent schools and school districts across the country to learn how administrators and teachers developed plans for grading and assessing distance learning.

Preparing for the ebb and flow of schools reopening and closing

For all districts, whether they begin this school year remotely or in-person, epidemiologists explain that resurgences in the virus’s spread are expected, which will likely result in school re-closings. Here…

How to spend CARES Act funding to support students with disabilities

The CARES Act promises more than 16 billion federal dollars to K-12 education. Districts should direct CARES Act resources to students with disabilities now to improve their learning outcomes and…