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Research Report

Developing Hard-to-Hire IT Skillsets

The IT environment is undergoing once-in-a-generation change. This brief profiles tactics that CIOs, HR, and hiring managers can use to activate the IT workforce and develop hard-to-hire skillsets.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

As fintech transforms jobs, higher ed must decide how to prepare students

Fintech jobs are rapidly increasing. EAB dug into labor market data to help partners understand this industry and how to focus a potential fintech curriculum.
Adult Education Blog

Developing Health Profession Programs in an Era of Disruption

11 resources to guide COE units through assessing the opportunity within the growth portfolio
Research Report

Critical Disciplines to Grow Employer Partnerships Study

COE units are turning to employer partnerships as a way to find new sources of enrollments and revenue. Review our nine disciplines and five tools to match your COE unit…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Credentials for an Unpredictable Market On-Demand Webconference

Join us for this webconference as we discuss alternative and short-format credentials, separating hype from reality.

Think your graduates don’t need data analytics? Think again.

Employers seek professionals with data analytics skills in occupations with primary job functions far removed from data analytics.

How to use state demand data to launch or revitalize programs

Use state-level data to achieve more successful launches by encouraging a data-driven approach.
Adult Education Blog

If you’re not preparing students for manufacturing jobs, you should be

As manufacturing companies integrate advanced technology into their business processes, they need new kinds of professionals with Emerging Technology skills to propel the industry forward.

Understanding the Needs and Motivations of Working Professional Student Segments

Take a closer look at the different needs and motivations of working professional segments reveals opportunities for COE units to innovate program design and strengthen your portfolio in this infographic.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services
Research Report

Data Analytics: Capitalizing on Creative Disruption

This study analyzes the present and future of the rapidly evolving data analytics field and provides advice for how institutions can ensure their new and existing programs keep up with…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services