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Research Report

Data Analytics: Capitalizing on Creative Disruption

August 24, 2017, By Carla Hickman, Vice President, Research

Key Insights

The 21st century economy is entering an era wherein data-driven decision making will be embedded in all organizations and business processes. As analytics evolves from a competitive advantage to a competitive necessity for all industries, today’s white collar professionals face new career advancement and lifelong learning imperatives—to add some proficiency in analytics to further their careers and adapt to the ongoing disruption that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are creating within workplaces.

These technological disruptions create unparalleled opportunity for COE units. Buoyant employment opportunities for analytics talent combined with substantial compensation have fueled steady enrollment growth in new and longstanding analytics degree programs. Now is the time for institutions without an analytics offering to capitalize on this opportunity; time is running out to establish a market presence.

This study contains analyses of real-time labor market data and interviews with industry thought leaders, COE deans, and program directors. You can explore individual sections or download the full study.

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