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Increase your transfer student population

See strategies implemented at these top 10 transfer-friendly schools to help enhance your transfer process and increase your transfer student admissions.

Turn your non-university competitors into your collaborators

Learn how to use alternative providers to bolster enrollment, increase program flexibility, and reduce student costs in your own offerings.
Insight Paper

Engaging Students’ #1 Influencer in Recruitment

Our latest report includes insights from our 2022 survey of more than 2,000 parents and guardians of high school students.

9 Ways Enrollment Leaders Can Court the Cost-Conscious Student

This interactive infographic dives into explanations of the market factors increasing families’ price sensitivity, discussion of related implications for enrollment outcomes, data from national surveys regarding considerations that most powerfully…

Headcount up, enrollment down?

For colleges that find their headcount up while overall enrollment is down, here are three strategies that could generate a last-minute enrollment boost.

Engage low-income parents in their students’ college search

Explore insights from our parent preferences survey for three key takeaways to help your recruitment marketing engage low-income families.

How to Implement Indexed Tuition at Your Independent School

A central barrier to racial and socio-economic diversity at independent schools is the cost of attendance, and indexed tuition is one way to attract a wider array of families. This…
Independent School Executive Forum

“Test-optional” will always be challenging, and it’s not your fault

Explore the challenges and questions colleges, students, and families must consider regarding “test-optional” policies.

Students are opting out of submitting test scores. Here’s what you need to know

To help VPEMs and their teams navigate this newly test-optional landscape, our analysts looked at the extent to which students are taking advantage of test-optional opportunities. We also considered what…

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Universities Worldwide

EAB’s John Workman and Michael Fischer examine similarities and important differences in how the pandemic is impacting U.S. colleges vs. those in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.