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Partner Stories

How a Military College Grew and Diversified Their Class Over the Last Decade

Norwich University’s partnership with Appily, Intersect, and College Greenlight

Norwich University, a small, private college in Vermont aims to serve two general populations: traditional degree-seekers and military cadets.

By increasing engagement with Appily, Intersect, and College Greenlight, Norwich not only grew their traditional student population, but also diversified their inquiry pool.

Private Military College
  • The Challenge

    Since 2017, declining numbers of high school graduates in the Northeast and pandemic-era travel restrictions have challenged their ability to attract more diverse prospects, as well as those for non-military programs.

  • The Solution

    With guidance from their EAB Partner Success Manager, the university leveraged Appily to engage with students who expressed an interest in military-related areas of study. With Intersect, they also curated their messaging in Naviance (with Advanced Awareness) to better resonate with prospects and engage with students who were considering their local competitors. They also publicized virtual engagement opportunities in Naviance, curated their college profiles on both platforms to offer more engaging and dynamic content, and increased their engagement with community-based organizations via College Greenlight.

  • The Results

    After leveraging these tactics, Norwich saw an 82% increase in Appily inquiries between 2020 and 2021. Those inquiries were not only more diverse but captured a greater share of female-identifying students and prospects interested in traditional degree programs. Additionally, they saw a 31% increase in Intersect connections with 71% of their enrolled students coming from Naviance high schools nationwide.

Impact Highlights


increase in traditional degree-seekers who enrolled between 2017 and 2021


overall increase in intersect connections between 2020 and 2021


overall increase in Appily inquiries between 2020 and 2021

Appily, Intersect, and College Greenlight helped us engage with more traditional students than we otherwise would have. Our Partner Success Manager was invaluable in helping us devise a strategy that worked for our unique enrollment goals – we couldn’t have done it without her.


Gregory W. Matthews, VP of Enrollment Management