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Put students at the center with Navigate

As the demographic and technological landscape of higher education shifts, many colleges and universities are struggling to support all of their students effectively. Watch the video to learn how Navigate…

HBCUs Foster Student Success

Watch these videos to hear from three academic leaders at HBCUs and how Navigate compliments their student success agenda.

10 tips to make your faculty recruitment website more candidate friendly

To attract a diverse range of faculty candidates, institutions must pitch not only the professional aspects but also the personal aspects of what it means to be welcome and included…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Campus Partner Primer

It is imperative for a successful campus visit program to have support from institutional functions beyond enrollment management. EAB research identified four key campus partners to proactively and regularly engage…
Strategic Advisory Services
Partner Story

EAB’s executive roundtable sparks faculty grant program revitalization at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama worried their internal grant program wasn't effective for early-career faculty. Learn how EAB research inspired them to redesign their internal grant program to prepare early-career…

38 Approaches to Maximize Instructional Productivity

EAB’s research has identified 38 different approaches schools have taken to align instructional costs with enrollments and boost instructional productivity.
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APS Toolkits

Leverage our toolkits that guide you through ways to embed APS data into your targeted initiatives and planning activities.
Academic Performance Solutions

The unique student success challenges faced by small schools

To deepen our understanding of the unique challenges faced by small schools (and how to overcome them) we recently sat down with leaders from two small-enrollment institutions. Here's what they…