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America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023

We've grouped the winning companies by six main economic sectors and 34 industries. The top-scoring companies on our list are themselves a diverse list spanning different kinds of businesses, including…

Partisan divide on DEI illustrated in school district mission statements

Despite schools’ growing calls for attention to student mental health, the center found only 4% of districts generally mentioned mental health in their mission statements, with 7% in Democratic areas…
K-12 Dive

How to fix the growing discipline problem in U.S. classrooms

Kids lost school time during the pandemic. When they went back, they brought new behavioral challenges with them.

A new generation of students brings new challenges. Here are 5 solutions

While the impact of unfinished learning in K-12 is well known to higher ed leaders, what may be less obvious is that hybrid learning and other pandemic-driven adjustments are seen…
University Business

Report: Pandemic Ripple Effects on Student Success to Remain for Multiple Years

The detrimental ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education won’t be going away any time soon, and student mental health is becoming an increasingly urgent issue, according to…
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Despite Hopes for a Rebound, Enrollment Falls Again

The decline was less steep than it has been during the pandemic, but an eagerly anticipated recovery did not materialize.
Inside Higher Ed
Press Release

EAB Enhances How Its Leading CRM Supports Students Before, During, and After College

New features, including application connecting students to employers, focus on postgraduate success
Press Release

Community College Students’ Expectations for Service Have Risen Since the Pandemic

Administrators agree that enrollment and retention challenges are exacerbated by poor customer service

3 Tips to Combat Chronic Absenteeism

As schools work to help students catch up following historic slides in academic achievement, they’re facing a somewhat unexpected obstacle: A rise in chronic absenteeism.

Is ‘Gen P’ Ready for College?

This fall’s applicant cohort will be the first to have entered high school during the pandemic. Assessing their college readiness will be a challenge for admissions offices.
Inside Higher Ed