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The campaign strategy that helped one graduate program see a 4.6x increase in applicants

Learn how direct mail can help your recruitment marketing messages stand out to college students, increase the effectiveness of your digital enrollment ads, and boosts results at each stage of…
Adult Education Blog

How Houston Baptist University tripled graduate student enrollment

Despite facing enrollment challenges ranging from incomplete applications to a hurricane, Houston Baptist University has significantly grown their graduate program enrollment over the past several years. We sat down with…
Adult Education Blog
Partner Story

Growing College of Pharmacy Enrollment 27% Through an Integrated, Personalized Marketing Strategy

Many pharmacy schools nationwide are experiencing dramatic declines in student enrollment, plus increased competition in nearby areas. Learn how one school partnered with EAB to introduce a more personalized and…
Insight Paper

The Big Bets University Leaders Are Placing on Graduate and Adult Enrollment

To learn more about how higher ed leaders are approaching graduate and adult enrollment, EAB surveyed more than 60 university executives.
Adult Learner Recruitment

Graduate assistantship budgeting and growth model

This project, part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship, seeks to incentivize Ph.D. student growth and review graduate assistantship budgeting with minimal financial impact.
Strategy Blog

What does the strong employer demand for speech-language pathologists mean for your university?

Here's how your school capitalize on growing employer and student demand for speech-language pathology programs.

How data science can improve your recruitment marketing strategy

Here are three of the ways data science and analytics can improve your recruitment strategy.

3 tactics to improve your graduate and adult learner yield during uncertain times

At EAB, we’ve deployed hundreds of campaigns to help our partners convert admits to enrollments. Here are three proven tactics we’ve learned along the way.

The master’s degree bubble has already burst

Weren’t master’s degrees supposed to become the new bachelor’s degree? Explore revised projections from the National Center for Education Statistics.