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The Evolution of Student Success Metrics

This infographic explores how the way we define and measure student success has changed over time—and what to expect in the future.

Deep Dive: Text Parsing and Handling Strings in Construct

This webinar will help you leverage Construct towards scalable text transformations on your data. We're not assuming any background experience with text manipulations, so come as you are, and find…

How to Unlock Analytics with Enhanced Data Tools

Everyone wants to use data—but few on campus have the skills to do so effectively.
Partner Service

Facilities Dashboard and Scorecard Review

Identify and present the right KPIs for your institution

Build Financial Dashboards to Communicate with Boards and Other Stakeholders

Higher education’s tough budgetary climate has heightened board and other stakeholders’ (for example, academic leaders, alumni, and parents) interest in their institutions’ financial health. In response, finance leaders are looking…
Strategic Advisory Services

Measuring Student Success

The adage “it takes a village” is often applied to challenging but worthy missions, and no initiative on your campus is more important than ensuring that students succeed. Read these…

Laying the Foundation of Major Gift Officer Performance with Metrics

This webconference explores how to set expectations for performance, select metrics appropriate for your institution, and choose goals that will motivate and guide your fundraisers.
Research Report

Gift Officer Classification and Compensation Structures

This project explores the compensation and classification systems institutions use for development officer roles. The brief highlights the procedures for classifying gift officer positions, and identifies key stakeholders involved in…
Advancement Advisory Services

3 tactics to boost the impact of your financial dashboards

Sharing financial information with boards is a tricky balancing act between sharing too little or too much information. Discover three tactics that will help you improve the effectiveness of your…