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Research Report

Advancement Unit Sustainability

This report investigates how administrators at other institutions continue to fund staffing levels built up during a campaign, and how other institutions implement gift fees for their Foundations.
Advancement Advisory Services
Research Report

Planning and Funding One Billion Dollar Capital Campaigns

This report examines the motivation behind capital campaigns of one billion dollars or more, with a focus on how administrators determine the dollar goal, staffing additions, and campaign timeline.
Advancement Advisory Services

Developing a Data-Driven University

The session profiles the dashboards, key performance indicators, and business intelligence capabilities that are emerging as the new gold standard for university decision support.
Advancement Advisory Services
Partner Service

HR Organizational Chart Audit for Large and Selective Colleges and Universities

EAB experts will assess your institution's HR organizational chart to help you maximize your institution’s investment in HR staffing.

Rethinking the academic affairs organizational structure

There are some considerations for rethinking the academic structure: functional alignment, institutional priorities, strategic altitude, and provost’s individual priorities. The provost needs to need to balance functional alignment with institutional…
Strategy Blog

How one institution transitioned from transactional to strategic HR—and what all business leaders can learn from their story

Given the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, university leaders are increasingly turning to HR as a strategic partner for planning and executing on institutional goals. This has posed a challenge for…
Strategy Blog
Insight Paper

Structuring the President/Headmaster Emeritus Role

Independent schools with headmasters emeriti do not publish publicly available, formal policies—which implies that the headmaster emeritus role may be less defined or less common at independent schools than the…
Independent School Executive Forum

Scaling and Sustaining Principal Gift Success On-Demand Webinar

In this webconference, explore ways an advancement shop can expand and sustain a successful principal gift operation through the next decade. This is part of Competing in Advancement’s Era of…
Research Report

Engaging International Alumni and Prospects

To meet ever-growing campaign goals and fill budget gaps, advancement leaders have realized their domestic fundraising strategies aren’t enough. Learn about the staffing models and organizational structures that are right…

No IT talent? Four ways to change that.

Watch the video for four ways your college or university can attract and retain the right IT talent.