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Research Report

Multi-Factor Authentication

This research examines how several large research institutions have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) via the Duo service.
Research Report

Active Shooter Safety Protocol

In response to recent events, administrators plan to expand policies to prepare for and respond to active shooters on university campuses. This research investigates safety protocol, communication plans, and trainings…
Research Report

Mitigating Technology Overuse Among Elementary School Students

Research suggests that technology overuse correlates with health problems such as childhood obesity and social and behavioral problems. To respond to these concerns, use digital citizenship interventions to mitigate technology…
District Leadership Forum

Flashpoint Tabletop Case Study Compendium

This flashpoint tabletop case study compendium is built to prepare your institution’s key decision-makers to respond to various campus flashpoints.
Strategic Advisory Services
Resource Center

Higher Education Crises and Flashpoints Resource Center

EAB has assembled custom tools, briefings, research reports, and other resources to help your institution better prepare for, respond to, and debrief campus flashpoints.
Strategic Advisory Services

University Flashpoint Risk Register

EAB's University Flashpoint Risk Register allows universities to organize risks, track risk scoring, and prioritize responses.
Strategic Advisory Services