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How to Encourage Student Help-Seeking Behavior

Guests share tips on how to encourage and support help-seeking behavior by students.

3 ways technology can help overcome financial barriers

Financial pressure is the top reason that students leave college. Learn 3 ways technology can help overcome financial barriers to student success.
Student Success Blog

What universities can do to advance student belonging

While student belongingness is a broad topic, a growing body of academic research offers insights into what drives belonging, and why it's important to support it.
Student Success Blog
Research Report

The Rise of the Chief Wellness Officer

Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) positions have grown rapidly across the past few years due to growth in appreciation for proactive well-being support and escalating demand for mental health services. This…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

The Title IX cheat sheet: What’s changed and what’s changing

To help clarify the evolving landscape, EAB has reviewed Title IX policies from the last three presidential administrations as well as legal scholarship to identify significant changes and hypothesize what…
Strategic Advisory Services

What community colleges need to know about the students of the pandemic

As we turn our eyes towards 2021, here are four things community college leaders must keep top-of-mind to serve students.

Guide for Mental Health Management in K-12 Schools

K-12 district leaders are expecting to see a continued surge in the number of students requiring additional support for their mental health. The ten strategies in this toolkit provide district…
District Leadership Forum

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on campus mental health—here’s what you can do to help

In the face of long-term stress and uncertainty, here's what can higher ed leaders do to support their staff and students.

Serving the Students of the Pandemic

Attendees will gain critical insight into how the pandemic has affected current and future student populations as well as best practice recommendations.

Maximize Counseling Center Operations and Efficiency

Clinical time is an extremely valuable resource, so students and institutions will be well-served to ensure that time is used most efficiently. View this Roadmap for strategies on how to…
Strategic Advisory Services