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Personalize Self-Serve Mental Health Resources

Use this tool to develop a prescriptive mechanism to connect students with low-risk mental health needs with self-serve resources.

How to Build a Mental Health Stepped Care Model

Use this guide and downloadable template to build out a comprehensive mental health stepped care model for your institution.
Strategic Advisory Services

3 creative ways schools use technology to address barriers to equity in education

See how schools are using technology to address three common equity barriers for students: textbook funding, housing and food insecurity.
Student Success Blog
Partner Story

Central Michigan University improved training and assessment to better support students of concern

The behavioral intervention team (BIT) at Central Michigan University (CMU), called the Care Team, wanted to formalize their responsibilities to increase efficacy and reach to students in need of mental…

Essential Elements for Your ESA Policy

Use our template as input into your emotional support animal policy development process or update an existing ESA policy.

Managing Behavioral Disruptions in Early Grades Audit

Use this diagnostic to improve managing behavioral disruptions in early grades. These questions are structured according to four key areas of opportunity.
District Leadership Forum

Promote Successful Off-Campus Mental Health Care for High-Need Students

This webconference will discuss how to set upfront expectations with students and families about on-and off-campus care options.

Four Strategies to Reinvigorate Group Therapy on Campus

This webconference will walk through four recommendations to build a successful group program on campus.

Dynamic Staffing Models for Campus Counseling Centers

Across the U.S. and Canada, counseling centers face stagnant budgets and staffing levels as well as fluctuating demand for service across the year. Hear from case studies from institutions with…

How to Set and Communicate a Sustainable Scope of Service

This webconference will explore how to create or refine a scope of care statement and communicate your scope of care with students, families, and campus partners.