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Improve Communications across the Community College Student Lifecycle

An uncoordinated communication stream can deter students from progressing through the enrollment funnel or completing critical steps after enrollment. Community college leaders should review their current communications plans and ensure…
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

3 creative ways schools use technology to address barriers to equity in education

See how schools are using technology to address three common equity barriers for students: textbook funding, housing and food insecurity.
Student Success Blog

How one university restores students’ sense of self-efficacy when they stumble

Students with a low GPA at this university had a graduation rate below 10%. Here's how student success leaders implemented a summer program to not only improve students' academic standing,…

Navigate Student: Content and Promotion Strategies for Increased Student Engagement

We all know that students live on their mobile devices, but getting them to download and continuously engage with a student success application requires your institution to have a clear…

Transforming student support with data

Without access to timely, relevant data, schools have to take their best guess at both what’s happening with individual students and what’s occurring in their student populations at large.

Design 2-Year to 4-Year Guided Pathways to Streamline the Transfer Experience

Guided Pathways was developed as a solution to stagnant completion rates, but implementation of this model varies widely. Use this roadmap to launch or improve upon your Guided Pathways efforts.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

Student Success in Summer and Beyond

In this new remote world, students find themselves in a situation for which many are ill-prepared. In this webinar, we discuss how to promote student success in a remote space…
Partner Story

How Creating a Data-Driven University Led to a World Class Student Experience at Georgia State

GSU saw an opportunity to target resources through structured, data-driven interventions such as class redesign, supplemental instruction, first-year learning communities, and retention grants. In 2012, GSU partnered with EAB and…

The power of coordinated care to impact student success

Hear how the University of South Carolina was able to increase their four-year graduation rates by 8 percentage points and reduce default rates.

How to Promote Resilience in the First Year On-Demand Web Conference

This webconference will discuss how to integrate resilience-focused programming and messaging across the first year and how to use nudging to encourage positive behaviors.