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Course Planning Optimization (CPO) Intensive: Planning Fall 2024 Course and Section Offerings

Participants will learn how to use the Course Planning and Course Analysis tabs in the Course Planning Optimization (CPO) dashboard to make informed course and section planning decisions. Both tabs…

APS Course Planning Optimization (CPO) Intensive: Monitoring Fall 2024 Course Registration

In this session, participants will learn how to use the Course Planning Optimization (CPO) dashboard in the Academic Performance Solutions (APS) platform. The Registration Status tab in CPO enables users…



Leveraging Program Analytics to Support Institutional Goals

Watch this on-demand webconference for a look at the APS Program Analytics feature and learn how the new program-level data can support program portfolio management and annual department health check-ups.
Academic Performance Solutions

Multi-Campus Program Planning Guidebook

Use this toolkit to better understand the benefits and drawbacks of various models of joint- and multi-campus academic programs and identify strategies to overcome challenges in developing new programs.
Research Report

Career and Technical Education Program Opportunity Guide

Discover how community colleges can identify viable program launch opportunities for career and technical education and plan for the cost of new programs.

Maximum Capacity Toolkit

This toolkit provides the resources to support working toward reliable max caps that afford understanding of true capacity, accurate course planning, and efficient resource allocation.
Research Report

Benchmarking Data Report on Cost

Explore this report on cost to compare a variety of metrics to your peer institutions.
Academic Performance Solutions

New Feature Training: Instructional FTE Metrics

The APS platform now includes instructional FTE (IFTE) metrics. We've changed the name of faculty analyses to "instructional staff" analyses to better reflect non-faculty instructors included in the data. During…
Research Report

Rightsizing the Program Portfolio Study

Use this toolkit for resources to support a more effective review and revitalization of your campus’s academic program portfolio.
Strategic Advisory Services