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Research Report

Trigger student interest with outcomes-focused campaigns

Students interested in continuing, professional, and adult education options are cautious about the total career benefit and ROI. To capture the attention of this growing professional student market, COE marketers…

Why many enrollment leaders struggle with “student-centric” adult learner program design

Read our Q&A with a strategic enrollment planning expert for insights on designing successful graduate, online, and certificate programs for adult learners.
Adult Education Blog

Web Presence Optimization Toolkit

Colleges and universities must leverage their website to appeal to prospective students. Access tools to help you design a website that is appealing, engaging, and ultimately effective at capturing market…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services
Research Report

Data Analytics: Capitalizing on Creative Disruption

This study analyzes the present and future of the rapidly evolving data analytics field and provides advice for how institutions can ensure their new and existing programs keep up with…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Non-Degree Programs for Nontraditional Careers

In part two of this series, we explore short-format, non-degree programs that will compel underserved student markets to enroll in COE programs.

Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce

In this series, we'll examine three types of non-degree programs that serve three distinct types of Millennials.

How to Attract and Support Online Adult Degree Completer Students

In this webconference, we delve into the key characteristics of potential adult degree completers.

Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Employer-focused market research, recruiting studies, and implementation resources to help you support your goals
Graduate Marketing and Enrollment