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Research Report

3 Ways Institutions Can Help Expand Broadband

Learn how universities can leverage governmental and corporate funding currently available, collect necessary data, and organize community partnerships now to better prepare their communities for broadband development in this interactive…
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How the first-gen experience prepared CSU’s chancellor for the job

Dr. Joseph Castro, chancellor of California State University, discusses how his experience as a first-generation student led him to pursue a career in higher education and how it has made…

IHE Editor Scott Jaschik Examines Top Trends Impacting Higher Ed

EAB’s Carla Hickman turns the tables on Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik in an interview that touches on the most important news stories impacting higher education today.

Risk Management Toolkit for Confronting Historical Legacies of Racial Oppression in Higher Ed

When addressing historical ties to racial discrimination and oppression, influential stakeholders often focus on the potential risks of doing so and resist change. Our toolkit will help higher ed leaders…
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Compendium of Digital Innovations in Higher Education

This compendium of digital innovations is designed to help you identify digital trends in higher education, engage in environmental scanning, and identify new opportunities for your own campus.
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Impact of Biden’s “Made in All of America” plan on higher education economic recovery and development efforts

One of President-elect Biden’s most prominent campaign platforms was his “Made in All of America” plan—an economic plan that restores the emphasis on manufacturing while better incorporating new high-tech and…

How a public health expert responded to COVID-19 on campus

"Our people are afraid, whether it's our board members, faculty, staff, students, or members of our community. But I am hopeful and confident that information can help us overcome fear,"…

5 Biggest COVID-19 Strategy Mistakes

EAB’s Melanie Ho and Carla Hickman identify the five biggest mistakes higher ed leaders must avoid with their COVID-19 strategy.

Promote College Access and Ease the Path to Transfer

Determine if your policies and partnerships encourage college access and college readiness by easing the path to transfer in this audit.

WVU President Gordon Gee on the Future of Universities

As a land grant university and economic center of the state, West Virginia University has taken a leading role in helping state agencies combat the pandemic. Listen to WVU's Dr.…