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Research Report

Recruitment Strategies to Win Over Top External Talent

This white paper outlines the urgency drivers for why higher ed must modernize its recruiting and onboarding strategies to attract talent. Then, it provides campus leaders with 10 foundational solutions…
Strategic Advisory Services

Navigating the Talent Crisis: Winning Top Fundraising Talent

This session will spotlight advancement best practices that high-performing advancement teams have used to proactively recruit, train, and retain a high preforming staff. Sessions are limited to Chief Advancement Officers,…
Partner Service

Strengthening Your Talent Pipeline from Within

This EAB expert-facilitated partner intensive focuses on the financial, organizational, and strategic benefits of investing in internal career advancement.
Research Report

4 takeaways for navigating flexible work policies and space utilization in higher ed

EAB gathered chief human resource officers and senior facilities officers from 24 institutions to discuss return-to-work policies. Read this expert insight for the takeaways on what makes a more flexible…
Strategic Advisory Services
Resource Center

Human Resources Implementation Collaborative

EAB's Strategic Advisory Services is excited to launch Implementation Collaboratives, a new service designed to provide practical advice on “work in the moment” and professional networking opportunities for senior finance…
Strategic Advisory Services

Higher Ed Employment Website Checklist

Use this toolkit to improve your institution's employment website by articulating your value proposition and providing resources for prospective applicants.
Strategic Advisory Services
Resource Center

Employee Recruitment and Retention Resource Center

Amid record-setting employee turnover and disengagement, higher ed leadership teams have little choice but to rethink how they recruit and retain talent. EAB's resource center compiles tools and resources to…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Create a Higher Ed Workplace Culture Where Faculty and Staff Want to Stay

To tackle the emerging employee attrition crisis, higher ed cabinet leaders must include institutional climate in their retention strategy.
Strategic Advisory Services

Higher ed job descriptions can’t compete. Here’s how to fix them.

We identified three main ways higher ed job descriptions fall short compared to out-of-sector competitors.
Strategy Blog