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With more competition for fewer awards and less financial support, university research offices need to diversify their funding. EAB can help you create a growth and research funding strategy, support research faculty, and comply with new research practices.

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Equipping Chief Research Officers with best practices and implementation support to more effectively craft and implement a winning growth strategy, communicate with campus stakeholders, and better align long-term planning with research funding realities.
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“This is my most essential resource in supporting my team and faculty to grow and advance our research enterprise” –Vice Provost for Research, Private Research Institution in the Midwest

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Senior leaders should determine if their institution has the right resources and stakeholder support for cluster hiring initiatives. Hiring multiple faculty members at once requires greater financial and staffing resources. Senior leaders need to gain stakeholder support for cluster hires since these require involvement from multiple departments. Additionally, an institution needs to clearly define topics…

The 4 steps to create an F&A infographic

One creative strategy that CROs and their teams can use to make F&A more easily understandable is to create a concise and shareable visual depiction. Read on to learn how to build your own infographic—and see how one institution put the steps into practice.
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Competition for grant funding has increased over the past two decades, with proposal acceptance rates declining as the number of submissions continues to grow. Given this increased competition, universities cannot afford to take a laissez-faire approach to faculty grant proposals. To retain—and hopefully increase—grant funding, institutions must find ways to proactively support faculty and strengthen…

Fall is rankings and awards season in higher education. In that spirit, we wanted to share with you the answer the Ask EAB team provides for a common question: How can institutions climb the Carnegie Classification® ranks? Institutions cite numerous benefits associated with obtaining a higher Carnegie Classification® research designation. These include an enhanced institutional…

The interest in measuring research productivity has grown as colleges and universities seek to expand their research awards. Many administrators want to understand their faculty’s successes and how they can support researchers who need a boost. However, many faculty are concerned about the impact productivity measurements could have on their academic freedom. Here are three…



About the Webconference Poor and ineffective performance by frontline supervisors is a major source of dissatisfaction and turnover within facilities organizations. In this webconference, the third in a four-part series, attendees will gain insights into three ways institutions are trying to enhance the skillsets and competencies of their frontline facilities supervisors. These approaches target both…

About the Webconference The first two years under the Trump administration have been a mixed bag for academic research. On one hand, the federal research agencies have seen strong funding growth for fundamental science. On the other, a series of sweeping social policy proposals threaten the talent, infrastructure, and collaborations that underpin the research enterprise.…

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