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In this pivotal moment for higher education, universities need a bold strategic vision to thrive. EAB can help you forecast the future of your institution, create strategic road maps, and understand the organizational implications of change.

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Helping college and university presidents navigate this increasingly challenging environment of higher education through tailored support, strategic research, and opportunities for off-the-record discussion with peers.
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“I am coming away with a handful of actionable items” –University President

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It’s almost become old hat to say that the higher education economic model is “broken.” Unstable future revenues. Ballooning costs. For some, it’s survival at risk. But even the most fortunate are concerned that there won’t be sufficient budget to sustain excellence, much less fund new ambitions. Yet despite all the talk about an economic […]

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Get thee to a bookstore: these are the books college presidents need to read now, not later.

Ask any college or university what they’re doing to create the student experience of tomorrow, and they will rattle off the same experiential or high-impact practices: active learning, internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and the like. In the near term, higher ed leaders are focused on scaling these efforts to improve learning, persistence, and career […]

While the term customer service can make some campus leaders uncomfortable, those who can suspend their initial disbelief can gain these three valuable lessons about student and staff engagement from the private sector.



About the Webconference Significant declines in the arts and sciences in the wake of the recession have left many programs and departments on the chopping block. Though past efforts have focused on articulating the value of these disciplines, institutions must shift focus to understanding the drivers behind these declines if they are to identify opportunities […]

About the Webconference International enrollment plays an essential role in maintaining higher education’s global mission and financial sustainability. Unfortunately, in recent years the most promising pipelines for attracting these students have constricted while simultaneously overcrowding with competitors. This webconference will examine the threats, challenges and opportunities facing international recruiting efforts.

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