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Some say that the traditional student no longer exists. To ensure that all students persist and graduate, be they first-generation, part-time, adult, or “traditional,” schools must reimagine the care models, experiences, structures, and technologies they provide.

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"We saw the highest Fall to Spring retention rate that we’ve ever had."

John Michalenko, Navigate user, Vice President, Student Life, Robert Morris University

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At the beginning of every year, our research team polls Student Success Collaborative members to understand the top challenges leaders face and to solicit input on our student success research agenda for the coming twelve months. This process is a fascinating look into what’s keeping our members up at night, and last year, I was…

To prove ROI, institutions are focused on preparing students for post-graduate success. Given their pre-existing programs and access to undergraduates, student affairs practitioners can play a unique role in this institutional priority. The strategies profiled in this infographic represent six ways student affairs can have the greatest impact in supporting experiential learning. These strategies range…

As part of our recent research on Overcoming Barriers to Equity in Student Success, EAB catalogued leading indicators of persisting gaps in student outcomes between underrepresented students and majority students. We uncovered over 100 barriers to equitable student outcomes through literature review, research interviews, and analysis of student success data. Some of the disparities were…


About the Webconference First-year students face many challenges associated with transitioning to college. EAB recommends institutions integrate resilience concepts across the first year to help students build the skills they need to overcome early setbacks and succeed on campus. This webconference will discuss how to integrate resilience-focused programming and messaging across the first year and…

The next decade will bring unprecedented competition for shrinking pools of prospective students, threatening budgets across higher education. In response, forward-thinking colleges have begun approaching student success not just as a moral imperative but also as a necessary measure for preserving and growing enrollments. How has this shift influenced their mindset, strategy, and investments? In…

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