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Financial and Strategic Planning

In an era of cost cutting and stagnating revenue growth, community college leaders are increasingly tasked with doing more with less. Our peer-tested research and tools help you adapt, set strategy, and build financially sustainable enterprises.

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“People are still talking about the session. Thank you for inspiring some of the important work of this spring semester.” – President, Manchester Community College

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This summer, we asked our community college members to weigh in on their top priorities and most pressing challenges in our annual topic poll. Our survey asked members to consider several issues across three broad domains—student success, workforce development, and enrollments—and assess the importance of these issues, as well as how effectively their institutions handled…

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Despite billions of dollars invested and countless pilot projects, student success remains the number one challenge for community colleges. Even the most progressive institutions struggle to improve key success metrics, such as completion rates. Why does each new student success initiative inevitably lose steam? Executive support and sense of urgency for reform fail to translate…

Community colleges receive a favorable report card from the larger public, but only 11% of presidents strongly agree that their institution will be financially stable over the next decade. As presidents and their cabinets ramp up planning and budgeting conversations for the coming year, they’re searching for ways to keep their institutions viable in the…

The creation of a three- to five-year strategic plan is an important, yet complex activity for community college leaders. A strong strategic plan sets college priorities and aligns stakeholders, faculty, and staff to institutional goals. While strategic planning is critically important, it is too often a drawn-out process that loses impact and energy over time.…

Strategic planning is essential for progress, but often nearly impossible to give adequate time to do effectively. In fact, when the Community College Executive Forum interviews member presidents and VPs, we often hear that strategic planning is dictated by accreditor demands and a “check the box” activity for many campuses. When we dig deeper, we…



About the Webconference To remain successful, community colleges must be able to read the landscape, make predictions about the future, and respond quickly to market shifts. However, these involve flexing strategic muscles that are new to many higher ed leaders. In this webconference, we’ll present findings from our brand new research on strategic mindsets and…

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