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Financial and Strategic Planning

In an era of cost cutting and stagnating revenue growth, community college leaders are increasingly tasked with doing more with less. Our peer-tested research and tools help you adapt, set strategy, and build financially sustainable enterprises.

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Community College Executive Forum

Helping community college presidents and their cabinets develop and implement institutional strategy to confront their most pressing enrollment and student success challenges.
  • 210+ partners across the US and Canada
  • Serving the entire cabinet and business function of the institution
“People are still talking about the session. Thank you for inspiring some of the important work of this spring semester.” – President, Manchester Community College

Academic Performance Solutions

A decision-support platform to help community colleges make data-informed resource allocation decisions
  • 380+ metrics tracked in the platform
  • 3,500+ individual users
How one school built a sustainable board of governors program review using APS

Research & Insights


Eighteen months. Forty-seven committee meetings. Three and a half years. When we ask partners how long it takes to create a strategic plan on campus, the responses typically converge on a single theme: too long. And yet chances are, it took a mere matter of weeks for the COVID-19 pandemic to throw a major wrench in these carefully laid plans. And with uncertainty only growing around the future of the sector, the relevance of our pre-COVID plans is fast fading. However, we can’t afford to wait another year before finalizing and implementing bold strategic moves. In fact, revisiting and revising institutional strategy now is perhaps the most important step in ensuring long-term sustainability for our institutions.

To rise to the oncoming challenges facing community colleges, presidents have expressed a surprising need: an empowered cabinet that helps lead strategic change. Explore the Strategic Cabinet Resource Center for insights and tools that will help cabinet members develop strategic thinking skills and lead change.



About the Webconference U.S. employers are spending a large and growing sum on workforce training. Amid declining state funding, community colleges can look to such partnerships for alternative streams of revenue. However, most colleges lack proactive employer outreach and struggle to move from grant subsidies to self-sustaining portfolios. Learn how to target the right fit […]

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