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Facing rising pressure to close achievement gaps and improve student outcomes, community colleges need a clear road map to strengthen student support from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

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  • Members of EAB’s Student Success Collaborative see a 2-12% average increase in retention and graduation rates
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  • 5 research experts on staff with 20+ years of combined experience in community college developmental education
  • Research, diagnostics, toolkits and more to help your community college improve developmental courses

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  • 475M+ course records in our analytics database
  • 190k early alerts submitted through EAB’s Student Success Management System each term
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One of my biggest disappointments as an advisor and faculty member was the number of students who “ghosted” me. I found that if I failed to give students the sense that I was personally invested in their success, they were likely to disappear when things got difficult—and for many community college students juggling more than…

Increase community college enrollment

Eight strategies to reverse declining market share
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For the past five years, most of the conversations about community college enrollment decline focused on its macro effects, including consolidations and closures. Until recently, one critical topic received less attention: scheduling. Fewer students mean fewer sections or smaller classes, but reductions are not often feasible for community colleges or their students. From a business…

The number of historically underserved and nontraditional students continues to grow in the two-year sector. Additionally, community college students are increasingly enrolled part-time, juggling classes with work and family commitments. These populations now comprise the majority of today’s community college students, yet their completion rates continue to lag behind those of the traditional student. The…

Last week at the kickoff of our annual Community College Executive Forum meeting series, we brought 20 community college presidents together to consider the future of community college enrollment and student retention. Community college leaders are confronting a stark challenge: Declines in public funding and increased competition across higher ed have resulted in a roughly…



PRESENTATION MATERIALS About the Webconference Unlike their first-time, full-time counterparts, adult learners maintain a precarious balance of professional and family responsibilities in addition to working toward their degree. Adults see college as an opportunity to build skills to seek better jobs to support their families, but often find college campuses ill-suited to support their goals.…

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