2019-2020 IT Forum National Meeting

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2019-2020 IT Forum National Meeting

Designing and Deploying the IT Organization of Tomorrow

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Join us at a 2019-2020 National Meeting

As the skills and structure required to run an efficient and effective IT organization are shifting, CIOs must retool, reskill, and reorganize within their function to promote successful digital transformation on their campus. But with the knowledge that any hiring and investment decisions of today will be outmoded soon after deployment, getting ahead of the curve has never been more urgent.

In this National Meeting Series, the IT Forum will share industry-leading insights on technology organizational structures and capability forecasting, guide CIOs in designing an adaptive IT organization for their campus, and present a range of best practices to manage the transition from the systems-focused IT function of today to the service-focused IT organization of tomorrow.

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“The topics covered are definitely something I need to start tackling at my institution—and I’ll work with EAB to get other campus leaders to start thinking about them, too.”