Why we’re unlocking the Mental Health Resource Center


Why we’re unlocking the Mental Health Resource Center

The spotlight on student mental health and well-being is stronger than ever before. The escalating demand for services combined with the devastating impact of the pandemic means that university leaders are increasingly focused on student mental health. There is widespread urgency and momentum for institutions to make new strategic investments to better support student success and mental health now and in the decade ahead.

Here at EAB, our priority is to ensure we are sharing with our EAB community as many resources and tools as possible to address this rapidly evolving situation.

To that end, we have built an online mental health resource center to help leaders meet the escalating demand for student mental health services, maximize counseling center operations and efficiency, build resilience among students, and create a campus-wide culture of well-being. Given the overwhelming scale of the student mental health crisis in higher education, we are making this resource center accessible to all, regardless of your partnership with us.

As you explore the resource center, please reach out if you have questions or if we can be helpful in any way.


Liz Rothenberg, PhD

"We saw a substantial rise prior to COVID in the number of students coming forward and asking for mental health help. Despite increased funding for more treatment, our counseling center is still feeling overrun and understaffed."

Counseling Center Director

Canadian University

Build a comprehensive mental health support system on your campus

EAB’s Mental Health Collaborative will focus your efforts and help you make progress on student well-being initiatives through a series of guided workshops with peers.

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