Mental Health Resource Center

Mental Health Resource Center

Curated EAB resources to support student mental health and well-being

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    Over the last decade, students' demand for mental health services has significantly grown—and it shows no signs of slowing down. Many colleges and universities have heavily invested in hiring additional full-time clinicians, but they are still unable to keep pace.

    We've compiled custom resources to help your institution holistically address mental health on campus. Click on the table of contents to start exploring our highlighted resources, events, and services, or access our research library for help on the following topics:


    Upcoming Events

    Past Events

    5 Critical To Dos for Academic Leaders to Support Student Success and Mental Health

    Our roundtable provided actionable advice to help academic leaders improve the way they promote and support student well-being.

    Preparing for the Next Decade in Student Mental Health and Well-Being Support

    EAB’s roundtable assisted student affairs leaders in thinking strategically about emerging trends, areas for investment, and a longer-term campus mental health strategy.

    Student Mental Health in Fall 2021: What Institutional Leaders Need to Know

    This on-demand webinar examines how institutions can support mental health as students return to campus this fall and explore what senior institutional leaders need to know about the future of campus mental health and well-being.

    Confronting the Student Mental Health Crisis and Creating a Culture of Well-Being

    EAB’s roundtable helped chiefs of staff think strategically about emerging trends in mental health, areas for investment, and a longer-term campus mental health strategy.

    Partner Services

    Student Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative

    EAB’s Mental Health Collaborative will bring 30 university partners together to advance student mental health support on their campus.

    Faculty and Staff Mental Health and Wellness Resources Website Audit

    This audit from EAB will help institutional leaders enhance their mental health and wellness resources webpage for faculty and staff by providing a custom report with actionable recommendations.

    Virtual Student Services Website Audit

    Colleges and universities had no choice but to quickly adopt virtual operations during the pandemic. Participate in EAB’s Student Services Virtual User Experience Audit to adapt the virtual experience for student services for the post-pandemic era.

    Mental Health Services Diagnostic

    Assess how your institution is managing the increased demand for campus mental health service with EAB's brief diagnostic exercise. Next, send the completed diagnostic to your EAB Strategic Leader or [email protected] for tailored guidance on addressing your most critical areas of opportunity.

    Research Library

    Create a Campus-Wide Culture of Well-Being

    How universities equip stakeholders to build a culture of campus well-being with in-the-moment resources

    Learn how institutions are increasingly equipping faculty, staff, and students with resources that empower them to engage in building a campus-wide culture of care.


    Three ways to support campus well-being as a university leader

    Mental health has consistently topped the list of university leader concerns through the pandemic. ACE surveyed university leaders on multiple occasions across the last year, and each time, mental health has garnered the number one spot – above long-term financial viability and enrolment numbers.

    The Rise of the Chief Wellness Officer

    Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) positions have grown rapidly across the past few years due to growth in appreciation for proactive well-being support and escalating demand for mental health services. This white paper outlines common responsibilities, reporting lines, and desired expertise and credentials for these positions as well as example job descriptions.

    How to Prepare Your Campus for the Mental Health Crisis Coming this Fall

    Guests share findings from their research into how colleges and universities are preparing to handle a potential deluge of mental health challenges this fall.

    How Gen Z’s intensifying demand for mental health care affects campus resources

    Institutions must develop campus-wide strategies to promote gen z mental health as the volume and severity of mental health issues continues to rise.

    Meeting the Escalating Demand for Mental Health and Well-Being Support

    Beyond the counseling center, many other departments, faculty, and staff across campus are experiencing increased demand for well-being support. However, hiring additional clinical staff is not a sustainable, long-term solution.

    Expanding Well-Being Initiatives Through Faculty Partnerships

    Review EAB’s three recommendations for partnering with faculty and academic colleagues on well-being initiatives.

    Meet the Escalating Demand for Mental Health Support

    BIT/CARE Team Assessment

    Assessing your institution’s BIT/CARE Team to identify gaps and future opportunities


    4 tips to improve your college’s behavioral intervention team

    Use these 4 tips to ensure your institution has a high-functioning behavioral intervention team that is equipped to support the campus community.

    4 lessons learned from EAB’s first student mental health and well-being collaborative

    Across spring 2022, EAB launched the first collaborative for our partners focused on student mental health and well-being. At the end of the Collaborative, participants walked away with concrete next steps for improving student mental health and well-being support on their campus.

    3 models for differentiated mental health crisis responses on campus

    We’ve outlined three differentiated mental health crisis response models for college and universities, along with their respective benefits and challenges.

    Improve training and assessment to better support students of concern

    The behavioral intervention team (BIT) at Central Michigan University (CMU), called the Care Team, wanted to formalize their responsibilities to increase efficacy and reach to students in need of mental health support services.

    How to Build a Mental Health Stepped Care Model

    Use this guide and downloadable template to build out a comprehensive mental health stepped care model for your institution.

    Maximize Counseling Center Operations and Efficiency

    Clinical time is an extremely valuable resource, so students and institutions will be well-served to ensure that time is used most efficiently. View this Roadmap for strategies on how to maximize counseling center operations and efficiency.

    How Vanderbilt University created the Student Care Network

    How Vanderbilt University reorganized services into a student care network.

    Meeting the Escalating Demand for Mental Health Services

    Maximize current campus and community resources to meet students’ mental health needs with these 23 practices.

    How to Set and Communicate a Sustainable Scope of Service

    This webconference will explore how to create or refine a scope of care statement and communicate your scope of care with students, families, and campus partners.

    Scale Support and Connect Students to Best-Fit Resources

    How to Better Engage Faculty in Student Mental Health and Well-being Support

    Our report shares five strategies to boost faculty engagement in student mental health support.


    2 programs that facilitate positive mental health conversations among Black men

    Learn about two programs that have developed strategies to reduce reliance on overworked counselors and combat the stigma around mental health by promoting positive mental health conversations among Black men.

    Bolster mental health support for graduate students this fall

    While many campuses have bolstered mental health support and promotion broadly in recent years, graduate students have too often been overlooked. Studies have shown that graduate students are six times more likely than the general population to experience depression and anxiety—but graduate students are rarely the focus of our outreach efforts.

    Expanding Well-Being Initiatives Through Faculty Partnerships

    Review EAB’s three recommendations for partnering with faculty and academic colleagues on well-being initiatives.

    Connecting Low Risk Students to Meaningful Resources on Campus

    This webconference will share tactics for driving utilization of existing self-serve resources and how to foster non-clinical connections that do not center on individual therapy.

    A new place for students to turn for mental health help: Their peers

    As colleges struggle to keep up with the explosion of demand for mental health services, students are taking matters into their own hands.

    EAB Mental Health Experts

    To speak directly with one of EAB's research experts on campus mental health, reach out to your Strategic Leader.

    Managing Director, EAB Research
    Associate Director
    Director, Research Advisory Services

    Build a comprehensive mental health support system on campus

    Learn more about how the Student Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative can help you.

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