Creating a Customized Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Dashboard

Creating a Customized Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Dashboard

Elmira College's partnership with Edify


Elmira College is a private college with a total enrollment of 673 students, a 76% retention rate, and a 56% six-year graduation rate.

Quick Facts

Total enrollment of 673 students

76% retention rate

3 systems (admissions, enrollment SIS, and financial aid) combined for visualizations

56% six-year graduation rate


The Challenge

Elmira had difficultly accessing data from their Enterprise Resource System (ERP), making detailed enrollment analysis and strategy challenging. Exacerbating the problem, Elmira saw several key IT staff resign in 2021. Facing a staff shortage and inadequate data access, Elmira needed a sustainable, user-friendly enrollment reporting system to facilitate strategic conversations before their enrollment census date.


The Solution

Elmira implemented EAB’s Edify, unifying their ERP, SIS, and admissions CRM into one standardized source of truth. Their first output was a Strategic Enrollment Dashboard, which gives Elmira a trustworthy, clear picture of its enrollment forecast. The dashboards allow end users to segment their student population by specific criteria, such as major, enrollment cohort, and special populations. The data refreshes daily, equipping administrators to craft enrollment strategies based on reliable data. During IT staff turnover, the dashboards continue to refresh automatically and provide useful data to board members.

Elmira Case Study Figures

The Results

: Before Edify, Elmira’s annual census report meeting required administrators to huddle over spreadsheets debating the report’s accuracy. With Edify, senior leadership at Elmira can focus on strategically planning for the upcoming term rather than validating their data. Edify’s automated data warehouse also equipped Elmira College to use predictive analytics to identify enrollment and retention opportunities going forward.

Impact Highlights


reduction in time required to review census data


systems (admissions, enrollment SIS, and financial aid) combined for visualizations


board members served by the Strategic Enrollment Management dashboard

"With Edify, we have a clear sense of momentum around reporting. We are able to get much more granular data and understand what influences enrollment and persistence. We can dive deeper into the data and understand which messaging and initiatives generate enrollment.”
-Eric Sykes, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Elmira College


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