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Partner Story

Community College Case Studies

Learn how our 18 of community college partners are using EAB’s recruitment, retention, and data and analytics technologies to achieve their institutional goals.

How to Manage Student Success Data

Experts discuss the technology and processes used by forward-thinking institutions to define, track, and report on metrics that matter in assessing student success.

Rapid Insight Office Hours

Join Rapid Insight (RI) product experts and fellow RI Users to talk through platform questions and hear from your peers!

Rapid Insight

Turn data into action with self-service analytics and user-friendly predictive modeling
Data and Analytics

4 warning signs your data strategy needs attention

Why is it difficult to use campus data to answer seemingly simple questions? Here are 4 signs your data strategy may need attention—and what to do if these signs show…
Community College Blog

Collaborating Across the Data Lifecycle

This diagnostic facilitates collaboration between IT and IR by laying out the data lifecycle, enabling your teams to map out responsibilities and build a foundation of shared understanding around opportunities…

How to Tame Data Sprawl

Experts discuss technology and best practices that enable senior leaders to access the institutional data they need to make informed decisions regardless of where that data resides.

Navigating privacy controls with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Enhance data protection and compliance by leveraging the power of Google Analytics privacy controls.
Enrollment Blog

Rapid Insight Deep Dive Webinar Series: On-Demand Materials

The Deep Dive Series is comprised of Rapid Insight user training videos. The series focuses on essential tips for successful use of Construct, Predict, and Bridge.
Rapid Insight
Partner Story

Creating a Customized Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Dashboard

Elmira College is a private college with a total enrollment of 673 students, a 76% retention rate, and a 56% six-year graduation rate.