Academic Vital Signs Infographic


Academic Vital Signs Infographic

From faculty hiring to course scheduling to promotion and tenure, academic departments make or influence many decisions that affect the strategic priorities at your institution. These priorities include cost efficiency, enrollment growth, student outcomes, scholarship, and faculty diversity and inclusion. Improving on these goals requires a more data-informed approach to decision-making and resource allocation at the department level.

Unfortunately, the metrics and goals that apply at the institutional level do not help departmental and faculty leaders understand how their regular responsibilities and decisions drive institutional change. This infographic will help colleges and universities translate strategic goals into fair, accurate departmental performance indicators for academic units. 

Download the infographic to learn about the six principles for maintaining improvement over time by creating an annual, data-informed departmental review and planning process.

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This resource is part of the Design Effective Academic Department Reviews Roadmap. Access the Roadmap for stepwise guidance with additional tools and research.

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