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3 common challenges with academic program assessment

EAB's Financial Sustainability Collaborative has worked with over 100 schools to help them structure their academic program assessment process, and that experience has provided us with some observations about the…
Strategy Blog

Impact of Biden’s “Made in All of America” plan on higher education economic recovery and development efforts

One of President-elect Biden’s most prominent campaign platforms was his “Made in All of America” plan—an economic plan that restores the emphasis on manufacturing while better incorporating new high-tech and…

How Departmental Practices Contribute to Faculty Diversity Goals

In this webconference, discover two key analyses that help departments reduce or eliminate bias when they recruit faculty, assign them to activities, and review their portfolios for merit and promotion.
Partner Service

Financial Performance Collaborative for Provosts

EAB’s Financial Performance Collaborative will help you safeguard future spending or fund emerging priorities through resource allocation savings.
Research Report

Rightsizing the Program Portfolio Study

Use this toolkit for resources to support a more effective review and revitalization of your campus’s academic program portfolio.
Strategic Advisory Services

Assessing online courses—OSCQR rubric

This blog identifies an OSCQR rubric to assess online courses with, as part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship.
Strategy Blog

3 ways to vet academic programs when labor market data isn’t enough

Here are three ways to review the viability of a new or existing graduate, adult, and online program, beyond labor market intelligence.
Research Report

Choosing the right undergraduate programs for revitalization

As colleges and universities are scrambling for opportunities to cut costs and grow revenues, academic leadership can’t afford limited information for making significant decisions. Internal data can evaluate how programs…
Strategic Advisory Services

Annual Unit Health Check-Up Toolkit

The Annual Unit Health Check-Up Toolkit will help members of Academic Performance Solutions (APS) create and implement an annual unit health check-up process that is embedded with data, as well…
Academic Performance Solutions