105 Tactics to Improve Employee Engagement


105 Tactics to Improve Employee Engagement

Higher education institutions are confronting high rates of employee turnover and disengagement. To help leaders understand a range of options to improve morale, this infographic provides 105 different tactics to increase employee engagement.

Each tactic is rated on how many employees it may impact and how resource-intensive it is. Impact is measured on a four-point scale and resource intensity is measured on a three-point scale. Leaders can use this resource to explore the full range of engagement strategies and decide the subset that is right for their campus.

Not sure where to start? Ask your employees.

Soliciting employee feedback is an important exercise in a normal operating environment. It is even more critical in moments of low morale and engagement. To help leaders prioritize where to invest, consider different methods of gathering employee feedback. Use surveys, focus groups, stay interviews, exit interviews, one-off conversations, and other venues to gather intel on the biggest pain points employees feel and the tactics they would value.

Ultimately, EAB recommends institutions pursue a mix of quick wins (e.g., half-day Fridays for the summer months) and systemic changes (e.g., greater employee control over flexible work arrangements).

Need more retention strategies?

Check out the Employee Recruitment and Retention Resource Center for tools to attract and retain top talent in today's hyper-competitive market.

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